XML Refactoring Tool

In the life cycle of XML documents, there are instances when the XML structure needs to be changed to accommodate various needs and traditional search tools are insufficient or too time consuming to help you with these tasks. Fortunately, Oxygen includes a specialized XML Refactoring tool that helps you manage the structure of your documents.

XML Refactoring Wizard

The tool is presented in the form of an easy to use wizard that is designed to reduce the time and effort required to perform various structure management changes. It includes a variety of operations, such as renaming, deleting, and inserting elements and attributes across a set of files. You can also create your own custom operations.

XML Refactoring Tool

Log4J Vulnerability Issue Update

December 17, 2021

New maintenance releases for the latest versions of Oxygen products are available to address the security issues posed by the Log4J vulnerability (CVE-2021-44228).

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