Navigation arrows don't show

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Navigation arrows don't show

Post by ahiggins »

I set the following parameters:
<parameter name="" value="yes"/>
<parameter name="webhelp.default.collection.type.sequence" value="yes"/>

But the navigation arrows still aren't showing in the webhelp output. Are there other factors that affect the navigation links?

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Re: Navigation arrows don't show

Post by Costin »

Hi Amy,

What specific product are you using (are you using Oxygen XML WebHelp plugin, or Editor/Author and run the WebHelp transformation from the GUI product) and which specific version?
Also, could you let us know exactly how / where did you try to set the parameters?

There is a dedicated topic in our User-Guide, that provides guidance on how to show or hide the navigation links in the resulted WebHelp documentation, so you could take a look at it.

Of course, for the navigation links to appear in a specific topic, that specific topic should also have previous / next topics in your DITA Map files hierarchy.

Costin Sandoi
oXygen XML Editor and Author Support
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Re: Navigation arrows don't show

Post by ahiggins »

Hi Costin,
I'm using the Oxygen XML WebHelp plugin v24.1 (with Oxygen XML Editor v24.1) and DITA-OT-3.7 to genereate webhelp output.
I created a custom publishing template, and all of the other parameters I set in it work.
I use a 'master' ditamap to publish content, which contains references to our 'main' ditamaps using the <mapref> element. The 'main' ditamaps also contain references to other ditamaps. I wonder if the layers of ditamaps are causing the navigation link issue.

I tried to mimic the layout of the publication TOC for a 'master' ditamap below. It would be nice to use the arrows to at least navigate from topic to topic in a chapter. And in this example, even topic 1.1.1>subtopic>subtopic>topic 1.1.2>topic 1.1.3

Code: Select all

Publication TOC:
book 1
   chapter 1.1
	topic 1.1.1
	topic 1.1.2
	topic 1.1.3
   chapter 1.2
	topic 1.2.1
book 2
   chapter 2.1
	topic 2.1.1
	topic 2.1.2
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