Show unhandled profiling attributes (DOTJ031I) in "Transformation problems" summary

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Show unhandled profiling attributes (DOTJ031I) in "Transformation problems" summary

Post by chrispitude »

When a profiling attribute is encountered that has no DITAVAL filtering rule applied to it, the DITA-OT issues a DOTJ031I information message as follows:

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[exec]    [filter] [DOTJ031I][INFO] No specified rule for 'audience=internal' was found in the ditaval file. This value will use the default action, or a parent prop action if specified. To remove this message, you can specify a rule for 'props=hide' in the ditaval file.
For us, this is a fairly serious issue because internal or wrong-product content could appear in production output.

This becomes especially important in large online help collections containing books from many writers with topic reuse, as the branch filtering must be precisely correct in the top-level map to ensure correct output.

Currently, Oxygen includes some information messages in the "Transformation problems" summary pane, but it does not include DOTJ031I information messages for unhandled profiling conditions:

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Could Oxygen be enhanced to include DOTJ031I in the "Transformation problems" list, possibly in the next maintenance release of v24.1? We are starting to assemble WebHelp maps from our books, and getting our branch filtering correct will be an important piece of the puzzle.

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Re: Show unhandled profiling attributes (DOTJ031I) in "Transformation problems" summary

Post by Radu »

Hi Chris,

I added an internal issue:

EXM-50732 DITA OT publishing does not report specific info message

and we'll try to find some time to look into this.

Radu Coravu
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