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Page load performance

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We've upgraded to v5.0, but page loads take at least 30 seconds. Are there any configurations to improve the load speed? Even simple topics with some keyrefs take this long. Thanks!
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Re: Page load performance

Post by mihai_coanda »

If you open an older task on which you did not notice a loading issue before the upgrade does it load normally?

Another thing that could cause issues is if you installed CF on a machine with not enough resources.
With the 5.0 release, we increased the minimum requirements[1] for the machine running CF (from 4Gb RAM to 8Gb) as we added new micro-services to the bundle.

You can check the resources consumed by each docker container by running the "docker stats" [2] command in the host machine while opening a document and send the report to us for analysis.

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2. ... ine/stats/
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