The various @media types

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The various @media types

Post by chrispitude »

Hi everyone,

Is this a correct summary of @media types?
  • @media oxygen - Oxygen XML editor
  • @media screen - Oxygen XML editor, web browser
  • @media print - PDF Chemistry, web browser with "print" rendering applied
  • @media oxygen-chemistry - PDF Chemistry
For completeness, is anything missing?

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Re: The various @media types

Post by Radu »

Hi Chris,

Looking in our code We also support media all, oxygen-high-contrast-black, oxygen-high-contrast-white, oxygen-dark-theme.
And then for media oxygen we have combinations with platform like:

Code: Select all

@media oxygen AND (platform:webapp) {
which applies only on our web author in-browser editor.
Platform can take the values eclipse/standalone/webapp

Radu Coravu
<oXygen/> XML Editor
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