Other Features

Oxygen includes a plethora of other useful and unique features. This section describes some of those other features.
  • Microsoft® Office - Office Open XML (OOXML)
    Oxygen XML Editor offers support for editing, transforming, and validating documents composed through the Office Open XML (OOXML) package directly through the archive support. This support is also available for other types of zipped files.
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  • Open Document Format (ODF)
    Oxygen XML Editor allows you to extract, validate, edit, and process XML data stored in Open Document Format (ODF) files and other ZIP-based archive. These capabilities allow you to use data from ODF documents, through validation and transformations, in other file formats.
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  • EPUB 2.0 and 3.0 Support
    Oxygen allows you to change, extract, validate, and process data stored in EPUB files. These capabilities allow you to transform and pack files into EPUB, or even process data from EPUB documents using XSLT or XQuery.
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  • Image Map Editor
    Oxygen includes support for using image maps in DITA, DocBook, TEI, and XHTML documents.
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  • SVG Editor
    The SVG support allows you to develop scalable graphics that are edited or generated through XSLT.
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  • CSS Editor
    The CSS Editor in Oxygen XML Editor allows you to edit and validate CSS or LESS files.
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  • XML Refactoring Tool
    The XML Refactoring tool assists you with various refactoring tasks that cannot be resolved with a traditional Find/Replace operation.
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  • Advanced Searches for Resources

    The Open/Find Resource view allows you to perform advanced search operations, ranging from simple text searches to complex queries that involve wildcards or boolean operators.

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  • Miscellaneous
    Spell checking, document templates, syntax highlighting, and much more.
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  • Project Support
    Oxygen XML Editor helps you organize your XML-related files into projects. Accordingly, you can perform batch operations (such as validation and transformation) over sets of files. Another feature is that Oxygen allows you to share your project settings and transformation scenarios with your co-workers.
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  • Oxygen XML Plugin for Eclipse
    The editor is available as a plugin for the Eclipse IDE. All the main features of the standalone editor are available.
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  • Oxygen XML Editor VPAT
    Information about Oxygen XML Editor compliance with the section 508.
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Log4J Vulnerability Issue Update

December 17, 2021

New maintenance releases for the latest versions of Oxygen products are available to address the security issues posed by the Log4J vulnerability (CVE-2021-44228).

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