Markdown Editor

Markdown Editor Interface

Oxygen provides an intuitive, dynamic, and easy-to-use Markdown editor for writing and converting Markdown documents. It is a split-screen editor with two panels that are synchronized in real-time. The left side is a simple text editor that is specially designed for writing Markdown syntax. The right side is a WYSIWYG style preview of how changes will look in the output.

Markdown Editor Interface

Syntax Highlighting

The Oxygen syntax highlighting feature is integrated into the Markdown text editor to make it easier to read and write Markdown syntax. You can even customize the colors and styles for the syntax highlighting.

Markdown Syntax Highlighting

Automatic Validation

Markdown documents are validated automatically as you type. The conversion engine constantly tries to parse your changes to display the results in the Preview pane. If a change results in an error that prevents the parser from converting the syntax, an error message is displayed in the Preview pane or Results view at the bottom of the editor.

Convert Markdown to DITA

Oxygen includes some unique features that allow you to easily integrate Markdown documents in a DITA project. This is especially helpful for teams that have contributors who are familiar with the Markdown syntax, but they want their output to be generated from DITA projects. The integration between the Markdown editor and DITA includes actions to convert Markdown documents to DITA topics and Preview pane provides a visualization of how the topic will look after conversion.

Oxygen also has some specialized features that allow you to integrate Markdown documents directly into your DITA project using the DITA Maps Manager. You can insert references to Markdown documents directly in your DITA maps, validate them along with the rest of the topics, transform them directly from the DITA map, or manually convert them to DITA topics.

Convert Markdown to DITA Topic

Convert Markdown to XHTML

The Markdown editor not only allows you to preview how the content will appear in HTML output, but you can also convert the content to an XHTML document by simply using an Export action from the contextual menu.

The Markdown editor in Oxygen uses rules that were integrated from the most common set of default Markdown syntax rules along with many of the GitHub Flavored Markdown rules and some other specialized rules. The rules were chosen to allow you to write Markdown with both the most common rules that you are familiar with, as well as some more complex or convenient rules.