JSON Schema Editor

Oxygen offers powerful tools that allow you to design, develop, and edit JSON Schemas. These tools include the Text editing mode (packed full of editing helpers), an intuitive and expressive visual schema Design mode, a JSON Instance Generator, and a JSON Schema documentation tool to produce high quality output.

JSON Schema Editor

Visual JSON Schema Diagram Editor (Design Mode)

JSON Schemas enable document designers to specify the allowed structure and content of a JSON document. Oxygen provides a powerful and expressive schema diagram editor (Design mode) for editing JSON Schemas.

The structure of the diagram editor is designed to be intuitive and easy to use. The Design mode was created to help both content authors who want to understand a schema and schema designers who develop complex schemas.

JSON Schema Editor Design Mode

In-Place Editing

You can edit a JSON Schema component directly within the diagram (for instance, the component name or its type). Valid proposals are offered in the contextual menu making it very easy to insert new components in the current context.

JSON Schema Validation

You can ensure that the JSON Schemas you develop comply with JSON standards by using the built-in validation engine. Oxygen can also be configured to use an external JSON Schema validation engine.

Oxygen provides support for defining the main module of a complex JSON Schema using validation scenarios to accommodate the validation of a module in the context of the larger schema structure.

Visual Error Markers

When an editing action introduces an error or a warning, the JSON Schema validator displays the border of that particular component in red or yellow, respectively. It also displays the error message on a tooltip when you hover the cursor over a component, and in the vertical stripe on the right side of the editor.

JSON Schema Editor Author Mode

JSON Schema Text Editing Mode

The Oxygen JSON Schema Text mode offers validation, content completion support, an Outline presentation view, and JSON-specific syntax highlighting, as well as all of the usual editing features that are included in Text mode.

JSON Schema Editor Text Mode

JSON Schema Outline View

The JSON support in Oxygen includes a dedicated Outline view that displays JSON Schema components (such as objects, arrays, properties, and values) and helps you visualize, navigate, and work with the node structure of a JSON Schema document.

JSON Outline View

Syntax Highlighting in JSON Schema Documents

Oxygen supports syntax highlighting for JSON Schema in Text mode to make it easier to read the semantics of the structured content by displaying each type of code in different colors and fonts. You can also customize the colors or styles used for the syntax highlighting colors for JSON files.

JSON Schema Visual Author Editing Mode

You can edit JSON Schema files in the visual Author editing mode and you have access to the various features and actions that are available when in this visual mode.

JSON Schema Editor Author Mode

You can also create your own custom JSON Schema framework, similar to the process for creating custom XML frameworks.

JSON Schema Tools

Oxygen provides useful tools for JSON Schema documents, including:

Log4J Vulnerability Issue Update

December 17, 2021

New maintenance releases for the latest versions of Oxygen products are available to address the security issues posed by the Log4J vulnerability (CVE-2021-44228).

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