Oxygen includes a variety of specialized features to assist you with creating and editing HTML5 documents. Working with HTML5 documents has never been so easy.
  • HTML Editor
    Oxygen provides a special framework for editing HTML files (html or htm file extensions) with a variety of specialized editing features, including validation, content completion, syntax highlighting, HTML-specific actions, and more.
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    HTML Editor
  • HTML Validation
    Oxygen includes a built-in validator used for validating HTML documents. It is based upon the W3C HTML Validator and the HTML documents are validated against the W3C HTML5 specification.
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    HTML Validation
  • HTML Queries
    Oxygen provides an XPath toolbar that makes it easy to quickly query HTML documents using XPath expressions.
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  • HTML Minification/Compression
    Oxygen includes the ability to reduce the size of a large HTML document through the process of minification. Ultimately, it helps to reduce loading times in web browsers.
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  • CSS-like Editing (Emmet)
    An Oxygen Emmet Plugin is available as an add-on and it provides the means for high-speed coding and editing in Text mode or Author mode via a content assistance mechanism and it can be used for HTML documents.
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    HTML CSS Abbreviation

Log4J Vulnerability Issue Update

December 17, 2021

New maintenance releases for the latest versions of Oxygen products are available to address the security issues posed by the Log4J vulnerability (CVE-2021-44228).

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